Founding members

Doc. Ing. Miloš Michlovský, DrSc.

founding member, President of the Association

“South Moravia is an important Central European wine region, and so it also has premium and great vineyards, enabling the production of premium and great wines. However, up until now, we have lacked a system similar to those of neighbouring wine states, such as German VDP, which due to its perfect approach stricter than the relevant wine legislation ensures not only high product quality, but also its credibility to the customer. The VVVV Wine Association, of which I am a co-founder, has developed such system for its members with its philosophy, statutes and programme.”

Ing. Lubomír Dvořáček, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Association, Member of the Board

“In January 2018 I took part in wine tasting of the German VDP Association in Berlin and I was thrilled! Not only with the wines of the Association members, but mainly with the VDP Association itself – its history, strict rules, elite vineyards of its members, long-term, absolutely unique achievements of these wines. After returning, together with Miloš Michlovský and František Mádl, we decided to take advantage of more than a hundred years of experience of our German colleagues and establish a similar association with corresponding rules and goals in the Czech Republic. I have really found myself in the systematic work for the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic/Great Wines of Great Vineyards Association!“

Regular members

Only an irreproachable individual over 18 years of age or a legal entity interested in producing the highest quality wines beyond the requirements of the Wine Act, whose long-term excellent quality of wine has been recognised in the Czech Republic and abroad, which meets the conditions for the production of great wines of great vineyards, and which is recommended by one of the founders of the Association or a member of the Board. Membership cannot be applied for.

Association members can be only growers according to the Wine Law, who have registered selected vineyards of selected varieties in individual wine-growing sub-regions, who are also producers according to the Wine Law.

Vinery Hana Mádlová

Hana Mádlová – member of the Board

“I perceive great wines primarily as a “great experience”, linked with the uniqueness of the vineyard, vintage, winemaker, place and above all, a human at the moment of mutual sensory and spiritual communion. I believe that we, and especially our wines, will succeed in this great experience someday!“

Vinery Trpělka & Oulehla

Luboš Oulehla – member of the Board

“The Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association is a needed initiative taken by the founding members. It sets quality standards in the vineyard and in the cellar. It wants to bring dry wines from the best locations in Bohemia and Moravia to the spotlight. It places emphasis on the place of origin, traditional varieties, cultivation method, and especially on the importance of producing premium and great wines and presenting these wines to the public. The winemakers themselves want to defend their quality every year. All of this makes sense. We were glad to accept the invitation to the Association and we take it as a commitment and a beginning of a journey so we can say someday: “It is not possible to obtain wines of better quality in the Czech Republic than those with the VVVV logo.“

Chateau winery Třebívlice

Ing. Martin Nesvadba – member of the Board

“There are unique locations for grapevine growing not only in Moravia, but also in Bohemia. The vineyards of our winery are situated in unique and historical locations, which lend the wines an unmistakable character. The invitation of the founding members of the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association is an honour for us and a sign of appreciation of the many years of work. But this is only the beginning of a long journey to great wines. In particular, it is an investment in the future, for future generations of winemakers…”

Vinery Kolby, a.s.

Vinery Reisten, s.r.o.

Association member

“In South Moravia we have a huge gift to grow and produce very full, structural and characteristic wines. There is still insufficient emphasis placed on this high potential of our wines and so a large number of strong vineyard tracks or their parts do not reach their real ambitions. Our entry into the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association, which we greatly value, will certainly help us create exceptional wines, which will leave a lasting mark, placing the wine industry in the Czech Republic among the world’s wine leaders. Now it is important to keep calm, be patient and, above all, to work hard.”,

Vinery Sůkal

Milan Sůkal – Association member

“I was honoured when the founders of the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association approached me to become a member of the Association. I know that premium or great wine can be made only from grapes from the best vineyards in Moravia and the vineyard track Kukvička is definitely one of them. The vineyard we planted on this track this year had originally a density of 6,100 plants per hectare. A week later, I was approached by the founders of the association and familiarised with its rules. I was so excited by the project that we manually transplanted the vineyard into a spacing that exceeded the association’s requirement of 6,500 or more plants per hectare so that this Pinot Noir vineyard could compete for the production of premium or great wines in the future.”

Vinery Ebenberg

Jiří Němeček Association Member

“As in most sectors, we are unfortunately somewhat behind our western neighbours when it comes to viniculture and winemaking. Wine associations focusing on wine quality and uniqueness of vineyards started to appear over 30 years ago in Austria (Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus 1983) and over 100 years ago in Germany (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter 1910). The initiative of the founders of the VVVV Association is therefore a logical and needed step towards setting new parameters which take into account quality and uniqueness of individual wine-growing localities. I am glad to be a member of the VVVV Association as the youngest viniculturist so far.”

Family vinery Beneš, s.r.o.

Roman Beneš Association Member

“For a long time, we have been interested in dense planting and production of great wines, which is why we accepted, with pleasure and great humility, the offer to become a member of the VVVV Association. We would also like to be able to make great terroir wines here in Podluží and pass on this idea and philosophy to the next generations.”

Family vinery Hrdina & daughter

Jaroslav Hrdina Association Member

“The VVVV Association was created with the desire to appreciate and support the honest work of a winemaker – not only the physical dedication but also the mental work – the ability to think, plan, seek ways in harmony with nature – and the wine, which should speak for itself. The journey of each wine is unique and so is the journey of every winemaker – sharing these journeys with other winemakers of the Association enriches us on both professional and human levels.”

Vinery Porta Bohemica s.r.o.

Ing. Aleš Svatoš, CSc. Association Member

Porta Bohemica Winery, founded in Velké Žernosky in 2010, is located in the heart of the Czech wine region, in the Litoměřice sub-region, surrounded by volcanic hills with forests and vineyards. The winery specializes in the production of wines of traditional Czech varieties, especially Riesling, Pinot Noir, Müller-Thurgau, Veltliner Red Early and Svatovařinecký. The production of our wines using traditional methods, including maceration on the skins and maceration on fermenting mash, with the aim of achieving the best possible structure of our wines, without any intervention, minimising sulphur and without filtration, gives rise to wines rich in flavour, with a complex sensation while maintaining balance and elegance. The invitation to be among the members of the association Great Wines of Great Vineyards is a pleasant surprise, an honour and a great commitment to further elevate the wine industry in the Czech Republic.

Vinery Vykoukal

Ing. Zdeněk Vykoukal – Association Member

Already in my master thesis I dealt with the concept of terroir, categorization of vineyard routes, rules for the appellation system in Moravia and conditions for the production of great wines. For a long time I was looking for the right project and for kindred spirits who would have similar ideas as me about the journey to great wines in Moravia. I think I have found this project and people in the VVVV association. For the last 20 years I have been planting vineyards on steep slopes in buckets of approximately 1.7 x 0.75 m with the belief that the hard work in a narrow bucket will pay off in the long run. I consider it a great honor and commitment to be invited to join this association. Even so, it is still “just” a journey, the destination is in sight, yet I want to walk it and maybe just blaze it for our followers.

Vinery Binder

Pavel Binder – Association Member

Our winery is located in the wine-growing village of Rakvice in the vicinity of which we cultivate about 10 hectares of our own vineyards.
One of the important vineyards is Přítlucká hora, which produces the best Rieslings and Veltlins in the Czech Republic.
Twenty years ago I had the opportunity to be inspired by France, where I firmly confirmed that my wine journey would be the same.
I wanted to get the healthiest grapes, from the healthiest soil, and that’s why I started to follow the example of French winemakers and started to focus on organic winemaking.
Fifteen years later, I am a certified organic winemaker. All this time I wanted to do something more, but as an individual I wasn’t quite able to.
Being a member of this very professional association, Great Wines of Great Vineyards, has reignited in me that tremendous desire, strength and hope to create something extraordinary.
If we adhere to the very strict rules of this association, there is a great chance that I too will live to see great wines from some of our vineyards.
And this whole effort is really worth it. Everything is in our hands, there are treasures around us, we just need to find the right way to them.

Ota Ševčík Vinery

Ota Ševčík – Association Member

We appreciate that our small family-run organic winery can be part of the VVVV project, which offers you quality, premium wines from the top vineyards in Bohemia and Moravia.


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