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Company Velká Vína Velkých Vinic, z.s. is committed to protecting your privacy and using your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection legislation in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy. This notice tells you why we collect your personal information and how we handle it. In this notice, “Large Velká Vína Velkých Vinic, z.s.” and the pronouns “we” or “ours” in any form are understood to mean Velká Vína Velkých Vinic.


Company contact details and application processing

If you wish to contact us while processing your personal information, you can contact us at:

We will process your request without undue delay and within a maximum of one month. In exceptional cases, especially due to the complexity of your request, we are entitled to extend this period by another two months. Of course, we will inform you of any such extension and its justification.



We declare that, as the controller of your personal data, we comply with all legal obligations required by applicable legislation, in particular the Data Protection Act and GDPR, and that:

• We have taken all technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal data in both digital and paper form.
• we will process your personal data only on the basis of a valid legal reason, in particular a legitimate interest, performance of the contract, legal obligation or consent granted,
• we comply with Article 13 of the GDPR prior to the processing of personal data,
• enable and support you in the exercise and fulfillment of your rights under the Data Protection Act and GDPR.


What data and why do we collect it?

Based on your consent to the processing of personal data, we collect the following personal data for the following reasons:


• Provision of services, contract performance and accounting agenda

We collect your personal information in the range: contact details, e-mail, telephone. We need them to fulfill the contract. We keep your personal information for 10 years for tax purposes. Legal reason for processing the following data: performance of the contract.

• Contacting and inquiring about fund details

We collect e-mail, telephone number and name before you make an inquiry so we can send you an information brochure or answer questions. We keep your personal information for 3 years. Legal reason for processing the following data: consent

• Marketing – sending newsletters

We collect your personal information (e-mail and name) for direct marketing purposes – sending commercial messages. If you are our customer, we do so out of legitimate interest because we reasonably assume that you are interested in our news for 5 years from the last order.
If you are not our customer, we send you newsletters for 5 years after you have given your consent. Legal reason for processing these data: legitimate interest and consent


• Use of personal information of website visitors
We collect your personal information (IP address of your device; operating system of your device; browser you use on your device, its version and language settings; website address – URL address from which you come to our website) to improve your site in the future. We also collect data to generate statistics and reports, especially tracking traffic to our site and its individual pages. We also collect data to prevent attacks on our site and compromise the functionality and security of your data. We keep the data for 50 months. Legal reason for processing the following data: legitimate interest.


Registered on 16th August 2018, Regional Court in Brno, Section L, Insert 25135
Residence: 691 86 Perná 181
Company ID: 07315767

Mailing address: 

Ing. Lubomír Dvořáček, Ph.D. 
Chairman of the Association 

696 19 Mikulčice č.ev. 93 
Telephone: +420 731 546 542
ID DS: 5qtv8rx 

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