Great Wines of Great Vineyards

Association of vine growers and producers of the top quality wine

Founding members of the Association Michlovský, Dvořáček, Mádl


We are a voluntary, non-profit association of natural and legal persons – producers or growers according to Act No. 321/2004 Coll. on viticulture and winemaking, which wants to produce wines of the highest quality, exceeding the requirements of the Act, according to the principles and conditions set by the Association.

  • Evaluation of the quality potential of vineyard tracks in Moravia and Bohemia 
  • Wine production according to terroir 
  • Ensuring the future of the wine landscape in Moravia and Bohemia
  • Restoration of respect for excellent dry wines 
  • Supervision of production rules for great and premium wines 
  • Control of vineyards for production of great and premium wines 
  • Inspection of wines of the Association members before and after bottling

Ing. Lubomír Dvořáček, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Association, Member of the Board

“In January 2018 I took part in wine tasting of the German VDP Association in Berlin and I was thrilled! Not only with the wines of the Association members, but mainly with the VDP Association itself – its history, strict rules, elite vineyards of its members, long-term, absolutely unique achievements…“


founding member, President of the Association

“South Moravia is an important Central European wine region, and so it also has premium and great vineyards, enabling the production of premium and great wines. However, up until now, we have lacked a system similar to those of neighbouring wine states, such as German VDP with wines like Grosse Gewächs, Grosse Lage…“


The general meeting of the VVV

The general meeting of the VVV

The general meeting of the VVV association was held on 28 June 2022 at the Dvořáček LTM Winery, s.r.o. with the participation of 11 members of the association. It approved the financial statements for 2020 and 2021, made changes in the Board of Directors of the...

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VDP TOUR Munich attended by the VVVV

VDP TOUR Munich attended by the VVVV

On 3rd February 2020, Miloš Michlovský, the President of the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association and Lubomír Dovřáček, the Chairman of the Association, together with their colleagues from the Union of Oenologists of the Czech Republic Mojmír Baroň and Miloš Vidlář...

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Registered on 16th August 2018, Regional Court in Brno, Section L, Insert 25135
Residence: 691 86 Perná 181
Company ID: 07315767

Mailing address: 

Ing. Lubomír Dvořáček, Ph.D. 
Chairman of the Association 

696 19 Mikulčice č.ev. 93 
Telephone: +420 731 546 542
ID DS: 5qtv8rx 

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