The Great Wines of Great Vineyards association successfully passed TechSoup Czech Republic certification and gained access to a global technology network supporting non-profit organizations worldwide. TechSoup is designed to enable people working for change to take advantage of the technology they need to make positive and effective changes in their surroundings and industry more easily and efficiently. Thanks to the certification, our Association can build technological capacities, from the acquisition of hardware, software or IT services, through training programs to grant calls.

We have gained access to technologies of large multinational brands such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec and many others.

The Great Wines of Great Vineyards association thus can significantly fulfill its mission in securing the future of the wine landscape in Moravia, in the production of premium and great wines, or in implementing proposals for the restructuring of vineyards in the Czech Republic. We believe that we will soon receive similar support not only from Czech associations and unions, but especially from the Wine Fund, to which all our members contribute, and which unfortunately has repeatedly rejected all three of our applications for support this year without real reasons. We believe that our professional website, which we built in a few weeks without any financial contributions, our seminars and training, as well as our very specific proposals for restructuring of vineyards in the Czech Republic will soon convince not only the general public, but perhaps the above institutions, including Union of Winemakers of the Czech Republic on the results of our work and solutions brought. As the good idea is concerned, we have the best prerequisites and most respected experts not only among our members, but also other sympathizers.