By invitation of the owner Jan Dienstl the president and chairman of the association, Miloš Michlovský and Lubomír Dvořáček, visited the vineyards and operations of the Třebívlice Chateau Winery on 5 July 2019. Together with the director of the winery Martin Jaroš and oenologist Martin Nesvadba, they went through all the vineyards, discussed the possibilities of thickening the existing plantings to meet the parameters of premium and great vineyards in the future, tasted young wines and vintage wines, e.g. Pinot Gris 2015 awarded big gold medal this June and Pinot Blanc 2015 with gold medal from international exhibition with guarantee of OIV Oenoforum 2019.

The all-day visit confirmed that this winery can rightly be considered one of the most modern winery in the Czech Republic and that its invitation to join the Association was quite appropriate.