On 3rd February 2020, Miloš Michlovský, the President of the Velká Vína Velkých Vinic Association and Lubomír Dovřáček, the Chairman of the Association, together with their colleagues from the Union of Oenologists of the Czech Republic Mojmír Baroň and Miloš Vidlář attended another VDP TOUR, this time in Munich, in the BMW Welt hall. In the afternoon we tasted a total of 57 samples of newly presented wines of the highest GG classification from 26 wineries – VDP members from 8 German wine regions, of which 31 were Rhine Riesling, 19 Pinot Noir and 7 Blue Frankish.

Other participants of this year’s VDP TOUR from among the members of the Association were representatives of the Kolby and Reisten wineries – the director Ondřej Stejskal with his oenologist colleagues.